Instagram Round Up – January

Thank goodness January is over! I thought it went past fairly quickly which is good as it’s my least favorite month of the year, I’m sure a lot of you feel the same! January hasn’t been all that bad though, last month I got back in touch with a friend I haven’t spoken to in years and I started a new business selling some amazing beauty and skin care products, more on that later!

Here is a little look into how January looked for me.InstaJan.jpg 1. A new post – 27 Valentines Presents You Need To Buy For Yourself

2. I am loving the new Lush Valentines range, they always nail seasonal releases!

3. Trying out a new Essie nail polish. I wasn’t sure at first but I am loving Fiji!

4. Trying a new cocktail protein shake – I have to say it didn’t exactly taste like a pina colada, still tasty though.

5. Frosty morning walks to work, hopefully won’t have too many more frosty morning to wake to.

6. Practicing my flat lays for 100 Blog Post Ideas For When You Have Majors Writers Block

7. Dreaming of summer by the sea, roll on the warmer weather!

8. Making holiday plans for Paris, I can’t wait to return!

9. Purchasing first footing gifts from a local business, this does actually feel like a really long time ago now!

Did you do anything exciting over January? Are you glad it’s not February?


Sophie x


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