Instagram Round Up – October


It’s November! How is it November?! It’s crazy how quickly this year is passing, soon it’ll be Christmas! (52 days yayayay :D). This is a quick look back on what I was posting on Instagram throughout October.

1. I made a rainbow cake! This was my first attempt and I was really pleased with how it turned out!

2. Sophia Webster released some new shoes at the end of October and I absolutely love them! They are stunning and I love the butterflies at the back, so cute! And all the glitter, I love glitter!

3. Gorgeous sunrise on the way to work, the colours are just amazing!

4. I was looking through my pictures from when Davie and I went to Paris and came across these lovely roses. You can read about my time in Paris here.

5. I went to an Aberdeen Blogger Halloween event where I wore my mouse shoes for the first time. You can read about how I made them here.

6. My goodie bag from the Halloween Aberdeen Blogger event was amazing! Thank you to everyone who contributed!

7. Davie surprised me with tickets to go see Aladdin next year in London, I’m so excited!

8. Enjoying cocktails and pizza at my first Blogger event at Revolution, I wrote a little review about it here.

9. Enjoying a walk through Edinburgh after coming back from Cyprus.

I would love to be Instagram fiends 😀

Love, Sophie x


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