Revolution Pizza Tasting – Blogger Event

004003On Sunday afternoon I was invited along by the lovely Julia from Just Julia to my first ever Blogger event *internal screaming* I was so excited! The event was trying out the new Revolution pizza and cocktail menu, I could hardly so no as they are like two of my favorite things!

It’s been a good few years since I’ve hung out in Revolution (or any bar for that matter) but it used to be the place you’d find me on a sunny, Saturday afternoon sipping cocktails with friends, so Sunday felt like I was reliving my late teens.

Even though we’re now definitely into autumn, Sunday had amazing weather. We were sitting out in the patio garden and apart from the slight chill in the air you’d think it was mid August! It was beautiful!

The cocktail menu is extensive and they all come in pretty glasses, a tin can and two different cocktails even came in a bag which I thought was awesome and something I hadn’t seen before! All the cocktails were also garnished with fruit, fruit leaves and one even had a little paper umbrella which I love!

The first cocktail I had was “Sourberry Burst” it was a frozen, fruity cocktail which as the name suggests was very sour but it was tasty and would definitely have this one again. The second cocktail I tried was the “Mango & Strawberry Colada” which came in a lovely tall hurricane glass. Again this was a frozen, fruity cocktail which I really loved.

I also had a taste of Ketel Kooler which tasted just like a refresher sweetie, it was actually probably my favorite cocktail, I was gutted it wasn’t mine haha.

024001023016015The pizzas were amazing! There are six pizzas on the new menu to choose from and something for everyone, from plain, to spicy and even vegetarian. I tried them all apart from “Lamb Baba Ganoush” – lamb just isn’t for me and the “Margherita” – I didn’t see this one on the table but I think I just missed it as I was too engrossed in the cocktails, whoops!

Fresco – This was delicious and probably my favorite out of all of the pizza. I love olives, ham and feta so all these on a pizza was perfect for me!

The Beet Goes On – An unusual pizza topping and I wasn’t sure how this would taste but it actually worked so well! I love goats cheese which came through really strongly.

Asian Satay Chicken Pizza – Another unusual idea but it worked soo well! This one was also a favorite of mine, so much flavor in just one bite!

The Hot Italian Pizza – As the name suggest this was HOT! I did like this pizza but it was a little too hot for me to properly taste the flavors. If you like spicy food this one is for you!


A huge thank you to Revolution Aberdeen for having me taste the new pizza menu.

Next time I don’t know where to go for lunch Revolution will definitely be my go to place.

Love, Sophie x


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