Cyprus Photo Diary

Hello I’m back! 😀

Davie and I had the best time in Cyprus, I kinda wish I was still there soaking up the 30 degree sun and sipping on a strawb daiquiri with the light, salty sea breeze in the air – dreamy!

We headed to Aberdeen train station, back packs and suitcases in tow for 8:30am on the 21st September all excited and eager for our weeks holiday away. By the time we got the hotel it was 1am Thursday morning (Cyprus are two hours ahead) and we were both zonked!

The hotel we stayed in was Sensimar Sea Breeze by Atlantica it was a gorgeous hotel, lovely views, good food (a little repetitive, we were all-inclusive which can happen but good all the same), pool area was lovely and there was a beach on the edge of the hotel, all in all a really lovely hotel. Although there were two things that weren’t mentioned to us when we were booking, in the evening there was literally nowhere to go, like nowhere to walk apart from two little supermarkets across the road and a deserted pub. If you wanted to go anywhere during the day or in the evening it was a taxi or bus ride away, this wasn’t really a problem we just got a bit bored of not being able to walk anywhere. Finally I feel we would have fitted in more if we had our senior bus pass, I would say about 80% of the hotel was 65+. That was a little run down of our hotel, lovely but probably won’t be returning.

On our first day we stayed by the beach sunbathing and snorkeling but we saw no fish much to my disappointment! During our holiday we went on a boat trip all day Saturday which was amazing being able to go swimming in the ocean, seeing the breath-taking views and just generally relaxing. We visited The Wishing Tree which was lots of trees up a hill where you tied little wishes to the trees and there was a church there too. We drove through to Aiya Napa twice during the week which was definitely worth a visit! I think it gets a bad name for being a city for party animals but it wasn’t just like that! It was good for just having a wonder about and going for a chilled cocktail.

I loved our week away, it definitely wasn’t long enough but can’t wait for our next adventure. This is a little selection of our holiday photos.

The holiday blues have well and truly here so please hit me up with any holiday recommendations for summer 2017.

Love, Sophie x




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