Rose Gold Wonders -The Eye Crayon That Changed My Make Up Routine

imageimageI’m currently sat in a four poster gazebo bed next to the pool with a strawberry daiquiri in hand, baking in the sun wishing this is how I could spend everyday. Cyprus has been awesome so far!

Happy Monday!

Recently I’ve upped my make up game. I’ve been trying out a few different beauty trends and expanding my make up collection. I’ve bought a few new lipsticks, a cream highlighter and I’m even considering buying a eye shadow pallette that costs more than £5, I’m looking at you duty free. Okay, so this is hardly ground breaking stuff but for someone who wears minimal make up on a daily basis this is really expanding my beauty horizons.

imageToday’s post is about this little rose gold beauty. It’s one of the make up items I bought from Mii make up that I spoke about the other week here. It was a bit of a gamble buying this as I just picked it from the catalogue and had never tried out any of the eye pencils before. I wasn’t sure what the colour would look like in person or what the colour pay off would be like but I wasn’t disappointed! It has a beautiful shimmer to it but the glitter particles are not huge chunks, very delicate and catches the light beautifully.

When I first tried the eye crayon I wouldn’t have described the colour as rose gold, it’s more a bronzey shimmer. Still beautiful all the same and I think it really works well with blue eyes but I think it’s one of the colours that would work well with all eye colours.

imageimageAs I mentioned before I am no beauty expert and rarely wear lots of make up. I was unsure how I was going to be able to work with this eye crayon but it’s actually really easy to use and it’s so simple to create a smokey eye with just one colour! I draw a thickish line on my crease and with my finger smudge it out into the corner of my eye and to the other edge of my eye and that’s literally it! It’s so simple and easy to use, anyone can do it!


Next on my eye crayon wishlist is this gorgeous Truffle shade from Bobbi Brown, a gorgeous pale sandy colour.

Have you come across any make up pieces that have completely changed your make up routine?

Love, Sophie x

P.s After taking these pictures I went for a swim in the pool and the swatches did not budge!


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