Spa at Home with Sam – Kissed By Mii

006You may remember a few weeks ago a wrote Spa At Home with Andrea I tried some of the Skin Drench skin care and Mii make up. My friend Sam also does Spa At Home and let me try out the “Kissed By Mii” fake tan range. This was perfect timing for me as I am going on holiday soon and I always like to go away with a little pre holiday glow.

008010To get the perfect long-lasting tan the key is exfoliation! The exfoliator I used this time was Glacial Therapy – Cooling Alpine Body Polish. I really like this scrub as it has small sea salt particles which you can really work into the skin and feel like you are getting rid of all the dead skin (gross haha). The Cooling Alpine Body Polish has an amazing icy smell which is a great wake me up in the morning. Use the exfoliator all over your body in a circular motion taking extra care around dry areas like elbows, knees and wrists. If you are shaving this needs to be done 24 hours before fake tan application and waxing is 48 hours before tanning. 014The “Kissed by Mii Effortlessly Easy Tanning Mousse” has a really lovely marine scent – just like a sea breeze! And doesn’t leave you with a biscuity smell which lots of people hate, I actually don’t mind it! The colour I used was “delicately light” but if I was to use it again I’d probably go for the “Beautifully Medium” shade. Although the delicately light shade did leave me with a lovely sun-kissed glow – perfect for jetting off on holiday. One other thing that I really loved about the Kissed by Mii range is the packaging! It’s a gorgeous turquoise sea blue and the texture of the bottle is great for mid tan application as it is matte so it’s  not slippy! The metallic gold “kissed” is my favourite part though, it gives the whole bottle a luxurious feel.

003Before tanning make sure you are make up free and have no creams on your body as this may cause the tan to not stick properly. When I tan I start from my feet up. I apply a few pumps of the tan to a mitt and work in circular motions up the way. Be careful not to put too much tan on your feet and ankles, nobody wants orange feet! When tanning it is best to work in sections, I do one leg first then the other leg, my arms, chest, tummy and back. I leave my face and neck last and just use any product that is left on my mitt so I don’t end up with a bright orange face. Don’t forget to do behind your ears, it can look bad if you forget and wear your hair up. Usually I will tan before going to bed and then shower in the morning to wash off the excess but if you want to do this in the morning I found the Kissed by Mii tan to dry very quickly so you can get dressed almost straight away.


Finally to make your tan last, moisturise every morning. The Glacial Therapy – 24hr Soothing Body Balm has a gorgeous delicate floral sent and leaves your skin silky smooth and helps to prolong your tan.

What is your favourite fake tan?


Sophie x

Get in contact with Sam here if you are interested in trying any of these products.

I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own 🙂


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