My Molton Brown Experience

003.JPGLast night my mum and I went to Molton Brown for a hand and arm massage. My mum had bought us a voucher from for this experience. The voucher was £5 each which included a drink on arrival – fizz, wine or a hot drink (mum and I both had a glass of white wine), some chocolates, the hand and arm massage and if you bought anything from Molton Brown you received a little goodie bag.

001.JPG002.JPGWhen we arrived Chloe the girl who was doing the massage took us to the back of the shop where the massage station was and made sure we were both comfortable. I had my massage done first with the new Rosa Absolute range. The bath and shower gel which was used to wash my hands is a gorgeous deep red. It is infused with Italian rose and geranium which gives a lovely floral smell but there is also blackcurrant and raspberry in there too which adds a little fruity kick. Normally I wouldn’t go for a rose sent but this has such a gorgeous smell I would definitely use it again. This was then followed by Ylang-Ylang comforting body polisher which had a lovely vanilla sent – it had a very relaxing aroma. The scrub was massaged on my skin leaving it feeling very soft. Once the body polisher was washed off the Rosa Absolute body lotion was used for a calming hand and arm massage and then a spritz of Rosa Absolute perfume on my wrist. These steps were then repeated on my other arm.

004.JPGThe massage was half an hour in total and I didn’t feel rushed at all. I really enjoyed this experience and would definitely do it again. To get the extras like the drink and goodie bag you have to have the voucher although I did find out you can have a massage for free in store if you book in but it’s not as long, still a great way to test out some of the Molton Brown products.

011001My mum and I had a little browse around and decided what we wanted to buy. There was so much choice to pick from it was a really hard decision! I decided on three gorgeous hand creams and a pick and mix set which includes Orange and Bergamot body wash and body lotion and Heavenly Gingerlily caressing body polisher. I think this set will be lovely when I need a little pick me up – the Molton Brown products are so luxurious. I found out last night that the Orange and Bergamot was the first fragrance that Molton Brown ever released so it’s a classic sent.

004005Finally, because I had spent over £40 I received a little travel size set which included three different body washes and when I was paying I was also given a sample size of the Rosa Absolute body wash. The picture below shows all the extras I received from my visit to Molton Brown. The Ylang-Ylang (love that name) and the Tabacco Absolute bath and body wash was in the goodie bag.

I love all these extras, they really made my first experience buying from Molton Brown a great one! Also the staff were lovely too and I wasn’t pressured into buying anything I didn’t want! This is always good when buying luxury products.


What’s your favourite Molton Brown product?


Sophie x


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