DIY – Sea Queen Mermaid Crown

007When I wrote the title to this blog post I hadn’t actually made my Sea Queen Mermaid Crown it was just a DIY project I wanted to try and the post was just sitting in my drafts as a reminder. I wouldn’t exactly say this turned out to be as magical and majestic as a Sea Queen Mermaid Crown but I’m going to roll with it, it sounds pretty awesome!

My reason for making this mermaid inspired head-piece was for two reasons 1) I’m completely and utterly obsessed with mermaids and 2) before you know it Halloween will be here and a gal has got to be prepared OH and 3) who doesn’t love a good DIY?

Once I had my idea in my head of how I wanted my headband to look making the crown didn’t take too long.

016What you will need:

Glue gun


Ribbon – any colour of your choice. I’d probably stick with white, blues and greens.



Gems, pearls, glitter, beach glass any embellishments that are mermaidy

036.JPG035.JPGTo begin with I wrapped the headband in ribbon gluing both ends so it wouldn’t unravel. I then had a play about with all my mermaidy pieces and decided where I wanted everything to go. I started by gluing down the starfish and then working outwards from there. I kept adding more shells and gems until I was happy with how my headband was turning out. With a Sea Queen Mermaid Crown, there is no such thing as too much, add as many gems and pearls and shells as you desire!

037.JPG038.JPG039.JPGI picked up most of my seashells from my local beach as I am lucky enough to live close by to the sea – which I love! If you don’t have a beach close by you can find shells really cheaply on Amazon, eBay or your local craft shop. I bought my starfish from eBay and added the gems and glitter myself.

004.JPG005.JPG006.JPGWhile I was making my mermaid crown I thought it would be cute to make a little starfish hair slide for taking on holiday (21 days eeeeek! I literally can not wait!). All I did was decorate the starfish with a few gems and glitter like I did on the Sea Queen Mermaid Crown and then glue gun a kirby grip to the back of the starfish and there you go, a cute little everyday mermaid hair accessory.

001.JPG002shellIf you make your own Sea Queen Mermaid Crown or starfish kirby grip I would really love to see a picture so either post it in the comments or tag me on Twitter or Instagram both are @sophiehmstewart

Remember, just keep swimming.

Lots of mermaid love,

Sophie x



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