Spa At Home with Andrea

SAH4Last Saturday my friend, Andrea invited me over to her house to try out some of the Spa At Home skin care range and Mii make up collection.

SAH2To start with Andrea the Spa at Home representative used a selection of Skin Drench products on my face to prep my skin before applying make up. The first product that was used was the Skin Drench Calming Cleansing Milk. This was applied with a little cotton wool and as the name suggest was really calming on the skin. This product removed so much dirt from my skin without feeling really harsh and stingy! Followed by this was the Skin Drench Gentle Make Up Remover which was used on my eyes to remove any left over make up from the day before. I was shocked that I still had any make up left on my eyes as it looked like I had removed all my make up from the night before. The Skin Drench Soothing Toner was applied with damp cotton wool to close up my pores. Unlike most toners I have used before this didn’t leave me with a horrible tight feeling or blotchy skin. It did tingle a bit which I was told meant it was working properly. Lastly the Skin Drench Vitamin Booster Serum was used to replace all the moisture removed from my face. I really loved this 4 step routine which left my face feeling soft, fresh and hydrated. These are really important step to use before applying make up so you have a clear base to start with.

SAH1Now this is where the fun begins. Mii make up is a mineral based range made from crushed gems. The gems have been milled a thousand times which makes the make up really fine and manageable to work with. I really loved the Mineral Irresistible Face Base, it makes your skin look flawless but not liked it’s caked in make up. It gives you even skin tone while looking natural and barely feels like you’re wearing anything. Next was the Radiant Natural Blush this was a really pretty blush that gave a gorgeous glowing finish. Andrea then used Miraculous Colour Corrector on red areas and blemishes which dramatically reduced the appearance of my redness. Finally the two eye shadows from the Beautiful Basic’s Porcelain kit was used to create a subtle day look. In the kit you get the Mineral Irresistible Face Base, Radiant Natural Blush, 2 x Exquisite Eye Colours and two brushes – a double ended eye brush and a kabuki brush which was all used to create this look.

Overall I really enjoyed my pamper session with the Skin Drench products and Mii make up range. I’m still trying to decide what products I want to buy as I just loved everything!

This is only a tiny selection of the Spa At Home range. If you would like more information on what Spa at Home has to offer you please get in contact with Andrea here.

Have you tried any of the Spa At Home product? What do you think?


Sophie x



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