Instagram Round Up – July

July InstaI say this every month but seriously how is it the end of July?! The year is running away! Although it does mean one month closer until I go away *happy dance*. Just in case you didn’t know, I’m going away to Cyprus mid September with my boyfriend (he’ll be taking all my outfit photos so look out for that end of September). Not that I’ve mentioned it before at all or anything.

July has been a pretty fun month actually. We celebrated our third year together, went away for the weekend and I made several purchases. Here is a closer look at what July looked like for me.

1. I’m really loving this dress at the moment. You can read more about it here.

2. This was a really exciting delivery for me from Pampelone Clothing.

3. Davie enjoying the view in Pittenweem at the weekend.

4. This pineapple and coconut Rockstar tastes just like summer.

5. Have you seen my giveaway? Check it out here.

6. Enjoying the Scottish sunset from the flat.

7. A throw back to a beach view in Tenerife last year, can’t wait for Cyprus later on in the  year.

8. Trying out avocado on toast for the first time, I wouldn’t be a blogger without eating avo on toast, right?

9. At the start of the month Davie and I visited The Cat In The Window Cafe in Aberdeen which you can read more about here.

 What fun things have you been up to this July?


Sophie x


12 thoughts on “Instagram Round Up – July

  1. This is such a cute and wonderful post! I had my birthday in July so that was lovely and can you believe it, I still haven’t tried avocado on toast?! xo


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