Tanya Bakes – Salted Caramel Brownies


I wasn’t going to buy this baking book as I didn’t think it would be anything special! But when I was in Sainsburys on Friday night I saw it sitting there on the book stand, all bright and colourful and I just had to take a look. My first thoughts about this baking book not being special were so wrong! Just from a quick flick through the recipes I saw lots of different bakes I wanted to try, girl you did good with you first baking book!

The first recipe I knew I just had to try was the salted caramel brownies. I love brownies and I love salted caramel and together I thought it would be a party in my mouth, each and every taste bud would be celebrating when I tasted these.

What you will need:

Rectangular baking tin

200g butter

300g dark chocolate

300g golden caster sugar

4 eggs

1 tea spoon vanilla extract

160g plain flour

60g cocoa powder

1 tin of caramel

1 tea spoon of sea salt flakes (I just used regular sea salt)


First off preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Place the chocolate and butter in a bowl and place on top of a pan of water making sure the bottom of the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Once all melted take the buttery chocolate off the heat and stir in the golden caster sugar. Then add in the eggs and vanilla extract and mix together until you have a slightly bubbly mixture.

Carefully fold in the flour and cocoa powder and then spoon out half the mixture into the tray (this wasn’t included in the recipe but I would recommend greasing your tin and using grease proof paper, you don’t want you hard work to get stuck to the dish – disaster!). Spread out the tin of caramel onto the brownie mix and sprinkle with sea salt. Tanya recommended a tea spoon of salt but personally I thought it was a little too much so next time I would use less but that’s just my personal choice. Then add on top of the rest of the mixture.

Pop in the oven for about 30 minutes (Tanya recommended 20-25 minutes but I think they needed closer to 30 minutes as mine turned out a little too gooey*). Take out the oven and leave to cool in the baking tin. Once fully cooled cut into squares and enjoy!


Have you bought Tanyas baking book? What should I try next?

Talk soon gals.


Sophie x

*I don’t think I actually left my brownies to cool long enough because this morning they look amazing and less gooey more fudgy, amazing!

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