Essie – Jamaican Me Crazy

P1010127Okay, okay so you may have realised that I have a tiny obsession with Essie nail polishes! I love that there is so much verity in colours and the names, the names are the best!

I’ve looked at Jamaican Me Crazy  many times when at the Essie stand but I never took the plunge and bought it before as I never thought it was really “me”, for the first time ever I was wrong! Which is a total shock as I am never wrong! Haha. Jamaican Me Crazy is a gorgeous magenta colour with flecks of purple sparkle throughout – I love the sparkle! (Probably because I am a Christmas fairy! Btw have you seen all the Christmas events happening over on Twitter? It’s making me so excited even though it’s only July!)

I painted my nails on Monday and only by Thursday did I notice that it was starting to wear off, not chip just like rubbed off at the tip of my nail; pretty good going as I only put on two coats of colour and no top coat.

As always I would 110% recommend this babein’ nail polish. I think it’s the perfect shade for Summer but I also think it would work for Autumn too as Autumn is all about the plum shades.

Speak soon.


Sophie x


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