The Cat In The Window Cafe – Aberdeen


Incoming cat spam!

I’ve wanted to go to a cat café for the longest time. When I found out that Aberdeen had a café opening I knew I had to go because cats are cute and fluffy and I don’t really think I need any other reasons haha.

The visits are an hour which was an hour of kitty cuddles which was just amazing! It was pretty hot on Saturday in Aberdeen which made the cats rather sleepy. Davie and I had a really fluffy, white, Chinchilla Persian cat sleeping under our table the whole time we were there, sooo cute! My heart melted!


There are eight little kitty cats that live in the café. The café is a big area with lots of sofas, chairs and tables for the visiting humans and there is also a tonne of shelves and high things for the cats to climb which all of them seemed to love and plenty of toys to play with – kinda wish I was a cat sometimes!

When we first arrived we had to take off our shoes and had a little introduction about the cats and what we could and couldn’t do. I was a little disappointed when we were told that we couldn’t pick up the kittens but I did understand why and didn’t affect my overall opinion of the café, which btw was amazing and I’ll definitely be going again!

The owner of The Cat In The Window Café was really lovely and you could tell she loved her job (but who wouldn’t want to pet cats all day?) She came over to us once we’d decided where to sit with a menu and asked what we wanted to eat and drink. Normally I would have gone for a coffee (and I kinda wish I had because they came in cute cat face mugs) but it was roasting so I went for a rose lemonade which tasted just like Turkish delight! Obviously we had to have a cake each too! I had an orange sponge cake and Davie had a vanilla and oreo cake which I wish I had gone for but both were tasty.


My favourite cat was Theodore (Teddy) who is a cream Tabby Scottish Fold kitten, look how cute he is! How could you not love him? The little ears being folded in are adorable! Kinda reminds me of a sleepy hamster.


All the cats are all still babies, they are either a year old or younger. Saturday was Romeos birthday, he just turned one! Below is little Romeo, cute name huh? He was a very excitable little kitty and just before our visit was over he got taken home as the birthday celebrations just got too much for Romeo.

Cat2Cat 1cat3cat4P1010096P1010105

This picture was right after I stopped giving Drago chin rubs, I don’t think he was that impressed!


The cat café has left us both wanting to get our own baby kitten, they were just so cute! *heart eyes emoji*

I’m away to go watch hundreds of cat videos now.

Love ya,

Sophie x









5 thoughts on “The Cat In The Window Cafe – Aberdeen

  1. Wow! I wish there was something like that where I live in Germany. The cats in your pics look so cute and very well taken care of 🙂 In Vienna I went to a cat cafe, but the few cats they had were not too friendly.

    Ale |


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