Instagram Round Up – June

How is it already the end of June? It doesn’t even feel that long ago I posted my May – Instagram Round Up. Summer has defintley hit Scotland now! I’m sat at my desk window wide open wishing I was outside on a beach sipping on a cocktail, a gal gotta dream to keep her sane! Anyway, on to my round up…

1. This has become my favourite dress from Fat Face. You can read more details about it here.

2. This was my boyfriend and I making plans for next year, we’re hoping to head to Thailand for two weeks #soexcited P.s that chia seed pudding was totes delish!

3. This was a gorgeous coastal view I found just minutes from of office, I didn’t even know it existed! How gorgeous is it?

4. In a recent blog post I wrote about Whats Inside My Travel Bag.

5. Okay so not to brag or anything but I made these shoes and I’m pretty proud of them!

6. This was an outfit I wore recently to a friends birthday.

7. Appreciating the peonies in my parents back garden.

8. I was using up some frozen fruit we had left over to make my own take on Eton mess.

9. At the start of the month I had a few days off work feeling really unwell. The day I came back to work my lovely boyfriend sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers and they are my favourite, peonies! Boy did good!

Leave your Instagram links below so I can take a look at your profiles 🙂
Speak soon.
Sophie x

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