Appreciating What You Have

Today at lunch time I decided to go for a walk as it’s blazing hot sunshine in Aberdeen and I wanted some vitamin D to take me from blue to white – Scottish people don’t tan we just defrost! I was also hoping for some blogging/Instagram inspiration but lol I work in an industrial estate and that was never going to happen!
I ended up walking a different direction than I normally do because I’m totally crazy and wanted a change. I found this cute little bridge and this is where my inspiration for today’s impromptu post came from!
When I decided to go under the bridge (anyone else got the Red Hot Chill Peppers song in their head?) and see where it took me I wasn’t sure what I was expecting! I knew I was close to the ocean as I can see it close to where my office is but I didn’t realise just how close I was! A ten minute walk from my office took my to these beautiful sights that I didn’t even know were right on my doorstep!
How gorgeous are these views? And I didn’t even know they were there! I felt a million miles away from reality even though work was just a ten minute walk away.
This post was supposed to be about appreciating what you have even if it is just small, like finding a beautiful view to look at like I did today, your boyfriend making you coffee while you shower in the morning (thanks Davie) or maybe a call from a friend. But also not forgetting the bigger things like having a job (even though you might loathe going to), having a roof over your head and a caring family around you. All these things are so important but can so easily be taken for granted!
Todays walk by the coast really made me stop and think about the more important things in life!
“Happiness is not about getting what you want; it’s about appreciating what you have.”
This was a bit of a different post for me today but something that I thought was important to talk about.
Sophie x
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37 thoughts on “Appreciating What You Have

  1. i always try to start my day by telling myself what i'm grateful for and the last thing i think about before i go to sleep is what my day so special and it helps so much. also, your photography is amazing.


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