Summer Bucket List


As the weather is starting to heat up my thoughts turn to what I’ll be up to this summer. I love summer time so much and always want to make the most out of the sunny days we have in Scotland as they don’t come around often! This is going to be a list of things I hope to achieve this summer.
Go strawberry picking
Make strawberry jam with the strawberries
Get dressed up in a pretty summery dress and go for cocktails
Walk along the beach as much as possible
Go for ice cream (this one will be VERY easy haha)
Holiday to Cyprus in September
Drink more water – these bottlesΒ are great for drinking more
Make ice lollies
Buy peonies – my favourite flower
Go for a picnic
Learn something new to bake
Learn something new to cook
Spend as much time as possible in the sun
Go for a walk every lunch time at work.
Blog at least once a week.
Get up early and watch the sunrise at the beach.
Colour Me Rad Fun Run
Collect sea shells
Summery DIY
Walk up Bennachie
Dine al fresco as much as possible
Go to the cinema on days it’s rainy
Road trip!
Plant some flowers/herbs for a windowsill garden


What are you looking for to the summer?
Sophie x

8 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. I like many of the things you have listed on your Summer Bucket List, definitely is making me think about making one of my own. Although, I admit I am a bit scared of looking back on it on August and seeing that maybe I didn't accomplish much of the list! Hahaha!


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