Oliver Bonas Summer Picks

I’ve loved Oliver Bonas for a few years now and I always went to the shop when I was in Edinburgh as this was my closets store. So you can imagine my excitement when they recently opened a new store in Aberdeen.
On Friday I spent a long time looking through everything and have decided I need everything haha. Below is a selection of the few things I am lusting after. I’ll link everything where possible.


I love these little heart shaped spoons, they’ll add a little bit of colour to my morning coffee.
Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with little bunnies. These Salt And Pepper Rabbits will definitely be added to my kitchen.
How cute is this Tiny Turtle Cord Silver Bracelet? I thought it was turtly awesome! See what I did there? Haha
I love this Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley because everyone needs a drinks trolley, right?!
Beatrix Milk Jug is a cute mix of vintage and modern and I think it’s a cute summer addition to your afternoon tea.
Love this Set Of Tumblers great for adding an injection of colour into your kitchen.
I thought these Heart Shaped Bowls bowls would be perfect for taking foodie Instagram photos.
At least once a year I replace my make up bag as even though I try to keep it clean it always seems to get make up all over it. This Flamingo Sketch Make Up Bag will be the perfect addition to my handbag.
Lastly I love these Coral Bamboo Bowl for little trinkets or for using in the kitchen.
What are your favourite picks?

Lots of Love,

Sophie x


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