50 Thing That Make Me Happy Tag

Today’s post is the 50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag. I wasn’t tagged to do this post but it’s always good to remember the things that make you happy!

01. Family
02. My Boyfriend
03. Baking
04. Christmas Time
05. Seeing blossom on cherry trees
06. Coffee
07. Going out with my friends
08. Nights In
09. Sitting in front of the fire in my pyjamas
10. Starry nights
11. Receiving Flowers
12. Blogging
13. Online shopping
14. Waking up to watch the sunrise, especially in the summer time
15. Watching the sunset
16. Sunshine
17. Burning candles
18. Handbags
19. Going to the theatre
20. Road Trips
21. Clean bed sheets
22. Friday night
23. Black Milk Clothing
24. Collecting shells at the beach
25. Chocolate
26. Snow days
27. The feeling after working hard at the gym
28. Paris
29. Reading a good book
30. Holidays
31. Taking photos
32. Freshly painted nails
33. White sandy beaches and crystal clear water
34. Going to sleep and not having to set an alarm
35. Pay Day
36. Travelling
37. Going to the cinema and seeing a good film
38. Long walks
39. Ice Cream
40. Blue skies with fluffy white clouds
41. Fireworks
42. Christmas Lights
43. Lush cosmetics
44. The smell of fresh cut grass
45. Disney
46.When the days become longer knowing that summer is not far away
47. Bunnies
48. Cocktails
49. Clean and tidy house
50. Red lipstick
What makes you happy?
Lots of Love,
Sophie xx

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