O Christmas Tree

Is that a real fir? 
Since I can remember we have always had a real Christmas tree and this year was no different. I much prefer real ones but do understand why people have an artificial tree – they cause such a mess! Though I think that’s all part of the fun – finding pine needles half way through the year in the oddest of places! The smell of a real tree in the house is amazing! I love going down stairs in the morning to the smell of pine needles and Christmas.
We went to the forest last weekend to get the tree. As always there was such a debate on which one to get. We ended up going for a ten foot tree which touches the ceiling! I love it! The bigger the better when it comes to Christmas trees!
When we got back it was rather cold so we put the fire on and had hot chocolate and a fairy cake.
I love our tree so much! It has a Victorian feel to it with the white lights and lots of different baubles. These are some close ups of my favourite baubles although there are too many to choose from!

Lots of Love,
Sophie x

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